Declutter and see the world with mental clarity

Keeping the farm and business clean and organized can help us acheive mental clarity and see the world free of distractions. It helps us see nature with pure and humble minds.

We take pride in spending time cleaning and orgazining our tools and other seemingly unnecessary areas, but over time we are finding more and more that we can dedicate our time and effort to what we like to focus our attention to. For example, just knowing that our irrigation lines and tools are well maintained can give us peace of mind as we walk by and not get distracted. By keeping it distraction free, we can truly focus on observing what is happening on the plants and the soil, that is, what is essential in nature. During busy growing and harvesting season, we are occupied with various tasks and sometimes fail to care for small things like taking care of tools and supplies, but we know that they are always on the back of our minds.

David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” teaches to get these distractions off our mind and put them on somewhere we trust that we will get to it later allows us to devote our attention fully to what we are working on at the moment.

Our minds are not meant for storing these to-do lists, but are capable of processing information and doing the most important thing, thinking.