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A soft cotton blend with modern feminine fit, crew neck, short sleeves, and an original illustration of the tea farm.  

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Two minute black sand tea timer.  Discover delight in anticipation.

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Soft tri-blend fabric, this unisex shirt has a comfortable classic fit and an original illustration of the Mauna Kea Tea farm.

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Made by Bella+Canvas, a soft poly-viscose blend, with flattering draped silhouette, racerback, and original illustration of the tea farm.


Fresh, fragrant Hawaiian ginger and turmeric add spice and richness to our very own Hawaii green tea.


Made with real toasted coconut, this green tea is mild and subtle, yet deliciously sweet and rich.


Selected for natural sweetness and ease of use. Also refreshing when iced.


Rich Hawaiian Cacao, in a blend of sweet and savory spices. An alternative chocolate experience.


Unglazed, oxidized black finish on the natural red clay Tokoname tea pot.


Powdered Green Tea from the Hawaiian forest.


Powdered Green Tea grown in full Hawaiian sun, for antioxidant rich, robust flavor.


Sorry, no 2020 first flush this year Tender spring tips, carefully hand picked at "two leaves and a bud" and pan-fired for fresh, rich green aroma.


Rare tender tips, hand picked and pan-fired for delicate fresh flavor.


Spring tips, slow roasted for deep aromatic flavor


Unglazed natural red clay Tokoname tea pot.


Young tender leaves, picked and pan-fired for a fresh sweet flavor.


Unglazed natural white clay Tokoname tea pitcher / cooling pot.