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First Flush Harvest

Field Harvest

Gathering A light morning wind blew gently over rows of neatly planted tea, a light mist resting within the ‘ohia canopy. The weather had been calm and dry the night before, the light of the full moon shining intensely across these same fields, pale, white light individually spotlighting each leaf. This was our first morning […]

Homemade Green Electrolyte Energy Drink

It became my routine to make homemade electrolyte drinks weekly on Sunday, my food prep day. Four litres (2 x 2qt mason jars) of electrolyte green tea drink lasts me enough for a week. A homemade electrolyte drink is a great alternative to gatorade or commercial electrolyte drinks for reduced calories and dollar amounts. Also, […]

Caffeine in Tea

What is Caffeine Caffeine is an alkaloid. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, heart muscle and respiratory system. It is diuretic, increases alertness and delays fatigue. Caffeine is naturally found in many plants. Caffeine in Tea Caffeine in tea gives bitterness. Generally more caffeine is found in younger leaves and earlier harvest. Higher quality green […]

Bitterness of Green Tea in Tea Cultivation and Processing

Tea making is expression of bitter note. Bitterness is only relative to other flavors. Sweet taste in green tea is balanced by mild bitterness to give complete flavor profile while oxidation of bitter leaf adds floral and fruity notes. Many people think green tea is bitter. It’s true, green tea can be bitter. However, there […]

Nihoncha (Japanese Tea) Instructor

Nihoncha Instructor (or Japanese Tea Instructor) is a certification program offered by Nihoncha Instructor Association in Japan to help promote education and consumption of Japanese Tea. This program is rather standardised teaching the most popular Japanese green tea. Sencha is most commonly studied and many of the regional differences are standardised to teach one basic […]