Coconut Green Tea


Made with real toasted coconut, this green tea is mild and subtle, yet deliciously sweet and rich.

Product Tea
Green Tea Blend
Product Leaf
100% Hawaii Grown Leaf
Product Field
Honokaa, Hawaii
Product Ingredients
Coconut, Green Tea
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We believe that nature knows the best way to flavor our tea. Our job is just to find the tea’s match. Each ingredient shows it’s own unique flavor, complementing the character of it’s mate.  When the two blend in perfect balance, they are said to act like partners in a good marriage.

In developing this tea we started by questioning what makes coconut and green tea both unique and identifiable. Coconut has a mild and delicate flavor of its own and is easily overpowered by other more robust ingredients, yet its unique and complex flavor can be easily identified in its elusive nature. We use real coconut instead of extracts or coconut flavorings, which ultimately brings whole food experience of coconut.

On the other hand, coconut compliments the delicate flavor of green tea. Although many types of green tea we tested lost their distinct green tea flavor when blended with coconut, we have found that some tea bushes have a desirable aroma that harmonizes with coconut in a cup.

This coconut blend that shone for us is the one that we present to you today.  Our first blend, and still one of our favorites—a newly discovered classic.