Roasted Green Tea


Selected for natural sweetness and ease of use. Also refreshing when iced.

Product Tea
Green Tea - Pan fired
Product Leaf
100% Hawaii Grown, Certified Organic
Product Field
Honokaa, Hawaii
Product Harvest
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Roasted Green Tea is where our humble yet innovative minds meet the old tradition of tea making. It is our process of finding extraordinary characteristics in otherwise forgotten varieties.

We start with selecting tea varieties with strong body, sweetness and low astringency. Our unique drying and roasting process make these characteristics release more easily while enhancing the natural sweetness of the tea. While it makes excellent hot tea, it is exceptionally refreshing chilled.

Selection of plant varieties is not only crucial for developing the unique flavor of our Roasted Green Tea, but also makes plants which are less susceptible to pests and disease. Their natural resistance minimizes the need for outside inputs and keeps them clean.


Our Roasted Green Tea is harvested from large leaves in summer and fall months.  It is very full range of flavor, yet taste very mild and sweet from strong roast.  You can enjoy this tea by brewing with hot water (200-212F) for 2-5 min.