Organic Premium Green Tea – 2018


Rare tender tips, hand picked and pan-fired for delicate fresh flavor.

Product Tea
Green Tea - Pan fired
Product Leaf
100% Hawaii Grown, Certified Organic
Product Field
Honokaa, Hawaii
Product Harvest
March - May 2018, Tippy, Hand Picked
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As spring warms up, new tips slowly grow on our cool mountain slope, full of vigor from the long rest of winter.

Our Premium Green Tea is made from traditional two leaves and a bud and small batch processing. Young tender tips are harvested with utmost care to retain their freshness, which contains high level of antioxidants. Harvested leaves are then processed in a small batch to give unique twist and curves to the leaves as they dry. Repeated rolling and unique drying motion slowly removes moisture from the leaves. The result: a wonderfully fresh and aromatic green tea, crisp with a mild sweetness of roast.