Premium Green – First Flush


2019 harvest.  Tender spring tips, carefully hand picked at “two leaves and a bud” and pan-fired for fresh, rich green aroma.

Product Tea
Green Tea - Pan fired
Product Leaf
100% Hawaii Grown, Certified Organic
Product Field
Honokaa, Hawaii
Product Harvest
February-March 2019, Hand Picked
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This is the new 2019 harvest from Late February to Early March.

Tea grows slowly on the rainy slope of Mauna Kea in winter, patiently waiting for spring. Occasionally snow covers the summit. Spring brings the sudden burst of flush with vigor. Nature always commands great respect and those in tune gain great benefit.

With warm days and cold nights, abundant rain and sunshine, flush during this period is particularly tender and potent. Our tea pickers obsessively hand pick at “two leaves and a bud” while maintaining focus and utmost care for the delicate harvest. We believe that this simple process allows us to see tea as not just a beverage, but a means to perfecting ourselves. The resulting tea is not only pleasant and beautiful to look at, but also offers a deeper connection to the way of tea. And we hope you find this in your cup.

Tea Leaf

The dry dark green leaf is gently curled with abundant white hairy tips and with infusion opens to reveal the light green color of tender flush. The leaf holds up and brews moderately 3 times. Liquor is light yellow. Mild and pleasantly pungent flavor is followed by a richly sweet and fragrant aftertaste with the refreshing sensation of mild bitterness left lingering.


For mild sweet taste, cool the water to 175F before steeping the tea.

  • Leaf: 5g (0.2 oz )
  • Water: 8oz (240 ml)
  • Temp: 175F (80 °C)
  • Time: 120 sec

To enjoy a more pungent green aroma, use higher temperature of 190F. Higher temperature enhances aroma, but tends to accentuate more bitterness as well. Good balance between bitterness and sweetness typically gives a more satisfactory brew.

  • Leaf: 7g (0.3 oz )
  • Water: 8oz (240 ml)
  • Temp: 190F (90 °C)
  • Time: 90 sec

*Brewing results vary with time, temperature, volume of tea and water and water quality. Please use the suggested preparation as a guideline to make your favorite cup of tea.

Quick hot infusion  (30-60 sec at 195-205F)

I personally like a bit stronger tea and like to brew at this temperature for 60-90 sec.  First infusion will release most of the surface roast which is very mild and sweet from final roasting.  Final roasting makes tea extra shelf stable while adding mild roast taste.  If you are to enjoy more fresh aroma of tea, we suggest you do 2nd infusion at similar temperature.  2nd infusion allows us to extract flavor from inside of the leaf.