Preservation of Native Hawaiian Ohia Forest

Hawaiian Ohia Forest

Hawaiian Ohia ForestPreserving Native Forest is very important for various ecological functions from native birds and insects to even tiny soil organisms. We at Mauna Kea Tea respect our land and the presence of native forest which connect us to the unique local environment.

Why is it important to preserve Native Hawaiian Ohia Forest?

Native Hawaiian Ohia Forest evolved in its unique environment. Trees, plants, birds and insects all have intimate relationship among one another to sustain their lives. This ecological relationship in the forest keeps everything in good balance and make sure that nothing is put out of balance.

Hawaiian Ohia Forest gives unique Hawaiian plants and animals place to feed and rest. By preserving the Ohia forest we are maintaining this balance within the farm as well as providing shelters for wildlife.

Isn’t farming destroying the ecological balance?

Farming can be devastating to the environment if it is done for the greatest efficiency which many farms remove existing native environment and raise one crop, which is generally called mono-culture, with chemical fertilizer and very little soil building.

We take our farming practice very seriously to the extent of ecological health. Using various techniques that have minimal impact to the environment, we not only keep the native forest for the wildlife but also utilize the materials from the forest to help build the healthy soil. This is what gives uniquely local flavor in our tea.