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Nature teaches without words or judgement. In order for a farmer to see the world as it is, he must develop humility and pure mind, then the world appears without conflicts or judgements.

Natural farming is a nature-centered farming practice that utilizes the great ability of the soil and the way of nature to grow our crops. Ultimately, natural farming is to realize how nature develops soil fertility.

Sustainable Farming – Organic and Natural Farming

Sustainable farming is an important concept in natural farming to maintain health of soil, crops and various living organisms. It also helps to decrease dependence on limited non-renewable resources such as petroleum based products and importation of organic materials. Do you think importing fertilizers, pesticides and minerals both chemical and organic from the other side […]

What I learned from Masanobu Fukuoka and Natural Farming

Masanobu Fukuoka

Mr Fukuoka’s approach to natural farming is such a noble act in itself. Once many people including myself acquire the knowledge in farming, often they try to implement new ideas by creating more work. I often find myself struggling with a lot of projects because of this. I am sure that he went through a […]

Preservation of Native Hawaiian Ohia Forest

Hawaiian Ohia Forest

Preserving Native Forest is very important for various ecological functions from native birds and insects to even tiny soil organisms. We at Mauna Kea Tea respect our land and the presence of native forest which connect us to the unique local environment. Why is it important to preserve Native Hawaiian Ohia Forest? Native Hawaiian Ohia […]

Taka’s natural farming senior thesis at college

Taka's Theisis

I found some old photos from college years along with some senior thesis photos of seedball experiment. The main topic of the research was restoration of native plants using seedballs in previously rangeland, which did not give much findings, but the opportunity to study natural farming gave me much better understanding of this farming style […]

Organic Tea Growing Guide for Home Gardeners in Hawaii

Growing tea is rather natural gardening experience for gardeners in Hawaii. When I first moved to Hawaii, it made perfect sense to grow tea because of the hilly terrain, rich deep soil, warm climate with no frost, and abundance of rain. Many of these requirements are met for quality tea growing. Preferred Growing Condition for […]