Tea and Pesticides part 2: What pests and disease? Which pesticides are used?

3. What pests and pesticides?

The following is a list of typical pests and recommended pesticides in major tea producing area in Japan.  This is just to show tea has lots of pest problems.  Some minor pests are not even mentioned here to keep it simple.  The pesticides are used to prevent pest damage from happening. The types of pesticides used may be replaced with pheromone traps, BT, bordeaux mixture, and organic pesticides that are derived from natural source and has less environmental impact, but typically result in higher cost.  Some lab testing claim that the pesticides recommended below have less human and environmental health impact from pesticide residue.  Some developing countries may not have regulations restricting use of more toxic chemicals. To identify pests and disease, please see UH CTAHR disease ID page
  • Insect pests (http://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/IP-28.pdf)
  • Disease (http://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/oc/freepubs/pdf/PD-33.pdf)
Most pests and disease require specific pesticides.  More than one pesticide is used to avoid pests acquiring pesticide resistance.
Month Pests / Disease Preventative Pesticide uses
Feburary Blight (disease) Copper dihydroxide x1
March Spider mite, Leaf roller* (insect pests) Beetle (insect pests) Etoxazole x1 x1
1st Flush Aphid (insect pests) Pirimiphosmethyl x1
April (after 1st flush harvest) Spider mite (insect pests) Leaf roller (insect pests) Scale* (insect pests) Milbemectin x2 Tebufenozide x2 DMTP x1
May (before 2nd flush harvest) Leaf hopper, Leaf roller, Thrips,  (insect pests) beetle*  (insect pests) Anthracnose (disease) Neonicotinoid x1 Tefluthrin  x1 Tebuconazole x1
May (after 2nd flush harvest) Leaf hopper, Leaf roller, Thrips (insect pests) Bifenthrin x2
June (before 3rd flush harvest) Leaf hopper, Thrips (insect pests) Anthracnose (disease) Acephate x2 Fluazinam x1
July (before 3rd flush harvest) Leaf hopper, Thrips, leaf roller (insect pests) Anthracnose (disease) Acetamiprid x1 Fenbuconazole x2
August (before 3rd flush harvest) Leaf roller, Looper,  (insect pests) Leaf hopper, Thrips (insect pests) Methoxyfenozide x2 Chlorfenapyr x2
September Leaf hopper, Thrips, Broad mite, Rust mite,  (insect pests) Leaf roller, Moth larvae, Looper,  (insect pests) Scale (insect pests) Tolfenpyrad x1 Emamectin benzoate x1
October (after fall harvest) Leaf Roller, Spider mite, (insect pests) Blight (disease) Profenofos x1 Copper dihydroxide
November-December Beetle (insect pests) Gray mold (disease) Fenitrothion x1 Fluazinam x1
*sprayed as necessary.

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