What’s included in the tour?
The guided tour includes a walk in the tea fields and tea tasting of various teas that we produce.  Let us know if you have any special requests. We love to personalize the tours for our guests.

What’s not included in the tour?
Other than in special workshops, we can not show tea processing during guests’ visits to the farm.

What is the weather like at the farm?
Tea likes a cool moist environment with abundant rain. Please be prepared for cool rainy weather.  Average summer temperature ranges from 65F to 85F.  Average winter temperature ranges from 60F to 75F.

Will the tour be offered if it’s raining?
Located on the windward side of the island, the Hamakua coast enjoys frequent mist and rain. We’re stocked with umbrellas to accommodate guests who aren’t rain shy, or can always can spend extra time in the tea room if the rain is too heavy to be enjoyable.  We will contact you if we need to cancel a tour based on warnings issued by the National Weather Service. Your safety on the farm as well as in transit is our concern.

Who will be my tour guide?
We will fit you with an experienced and knowledgeable guide based on your interests and purpose for your visit.

I’m a solo traveller.  Can I still join a tour?
Yes.  The cost to schedule a tour for a solo traveller is $60.  If there is another tour scheduled, you can join them for $30.

What’s the largest number of group you can coordinate?
-For individual tours we cap the group at 10-12 people.
-For a group tour we can host 20 people or more depending on the nature of your visit and the preparation time available.

Can I get a private tour (without other participants)?
Yes.  Please let us know in your inquiry form if the private tour is what you desire.  Pricing for the private tour is $180 per visit up to 10 people and $18 per person thereafter.

I am a tea enthusiast and would like to learn about tea making.  Can I see tea processing and facilities?
Due to safety and quality control reasons, our tea processing facilities are not open to the public.  We occasionally offer harvest and hand processing demos which are announced in a periodic newsletter.  This is not an area where we offer exceptions.

Is this farm wheel chair accessible?
No.  The farm is located on a steep hillside accessed by a gravel walk way.

Do we need reservations?
Yes.  Please book in advance to allow staff to plan for your arrival.

If a tour is not available, can we still stop by?  If so, what should we expect for our visit?
As much as we would like to be available to meet every customer, at this time, we are open only by appointment. Please contact us by phone, email, or IG or FB message so that we can arrange our schedule to help you. Our sales room will be open does not generally offer on the spot tastings. We are glad to greet you, educate you about our tea and farm, and show you the tea for sale.