Powdered Green Tea of the Sun


Powdered Green Tea grown in full Hawaiian sun, for antioxidant rich, robust flavor.

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100% Hawaii Grown Leaf
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Honokaa, Hawaii
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This is green tea powder also known as Matcha in Japan.

We approach our tea making in how nature would make tea.  We observe wild tea and try to replicate natural conditions while providing necessary assistance.  It does not need excessive amount of fertilizers and pesticides if we can maintain natural balance and ecological diversity.

We selected a green tea variety that has good clean flavor profile for green tea powder.  The tea bushes are grown in a sunny area of our field to increase natural grassy, hay like flavor as well as EGCg, or antioxidants.  Our tea plants and various fruit trees grow together surrounded by native Hawaiian trees.

Typically matcha is grown in shade to increase dark green color and minimize bitterness.  The main difference of this tea from matcha is that it is grown in the sun to increase polyphenol, or EGCg while bitterness is not particularly overwhelming.  The color of the powder is light green unlike shaded counterpart while the taste has mild yet more pronounced bitterness and astringency from polyphenols.

How can I tell if green tea has polyphenols?


How to prepare:

This sun grown powdered green tea is easy to enjoy directly in the cup.  Just mix 1/2 teaspoon of powdered green tea to 8oz of water and mix well.  Swirl as you drink.

The tea powder can also be added to smoothies, yogurt, cereal, salads, pasta and ice cream for a nice energetic boost.