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Organic Premium Green Tea - 2014 First Flush

2011 pg1 green tea

Premium Green Tea - 2014 First Flush

1oz Box $43
0.5oz Bag $23



This tea is the result of centuries of cultivation of the plant and its traditions. To describe the product that results from this Spring Flush from Mauna Kea Tea leaves much of the rich history aside. In the aroma of this leaf, the fire of the pan is detected. Transformation from simple to complex occurred when the tea leaves hit the pan and a new dimension arose.


A green tea so fragrant it has been occasionally mistaken for oolong or flavored tea, to describe this as vegetal or grassy does too much to tame its unbound wildness. The aroma is fragrant and refreshing, and if categorized, floral or herbal, but pleasantly wildly pungent.


The imbued will enjoy the terroir, the pure water, air and soil cultivated with natural farming. He may have smelled it somewhere, but can't quite give the scent a name. Even the personality and skill of the hands which gave it life can be noted; it is our assumption that his honored teachers would be proud and amused.


Every tea should be so lucky as to earn the appreciation of its story.






In this style of processing, well developed aroma and flavor profile are more important than compact leaf shape.  While the flavor is subtle and discrete, the tea itself is quite potent.  The color of dry leaf is dark green, and with infusion opens to reveal the light green color of tender flush. The leaf holds up and brews moderately 3 times. Liquor is light yellow. Flavor is mild, pleasant pungency followed by sweet, fragrant aftertaste with a refreshing sensation left lingering.





Premium Green Tea - 2014 First Flush

Leaf: Loose Leaf

1oz Box $43
0.5oz Bag $23





1oz Box

0.5 oz bag

Premium Green Tea Box Premium Green Tea Bag

Tea Profile:

Tea Type: Green Tea - Pan fired

100% Hawaii Grown, Certified Organic

Field Location: Honokaa, Hawaii
Harvest Date: January-February 2014
Harvest Style: Tippy, Hand pick

Preparation Tips:

For best results, Mauna Kea Premium Green Tea can easily be prepared easily in a tea pot or gaiwan.


5 g
(0.2 oz ) 
8 oz
(240 ml) 
175 F
(80 °C) 

120 sec

* Brewing results vary with time, temperature, volume of tea and water, and water quality. Please use the suggested preparation as a guideline to make your favorite cup of tea.


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